Love Boards Family House

From the 1st of August we add a new concept to the mix! In a beautiful house 2 doors down we will have a FAMILY HOUSE. Because we had many requests of (single) parents who would like to bring their kid(s) and no real space for that in our Love Boards house, we decided to add another house.

We will rent out rooms to parents who would like to come with their kid(s). The goal is to make it easy and fun to go on holiday with kids and be able to kite and surf and meet others. We can provide a babysitter in the house to look after the kids while you go kiting, surfing or go out. And when there are more parents and kids you can arrange this for all kids together. Also there will be possibilities for your kids to go out to do excursions meanwhile. We will list the possibilities so you can choose whatever you like!

So would you like to (learn to) kite and your kids are too young to join? Just go to the beach to kite or surf, whether it’s by yourself, with other people from our house, taking lessons, renting gear, or with supervision. We make sure your kid is looked after in the house when you can carelessly focus on your kiting or surfing!

It’s a beautiful big 4 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms, it’s almost next door and has views of Morocco. It has a very big living room and big kitchen.

Pictures and more info will be added soon. For now, if you like more info just send us a message