Singles Kite Camps

So what does this mean?


Are you an independent kiter?

You will go kiting with other singles who are staying, together with a guide who will take you to the best spot with the most space. Cheering each other on, having fun, progress. Even an advanced class if that is what you would like to add.

Do you like to learn how to kite?

You will have lessons together with other singles who are staying. Learning together, supoorting eachother and having fun, No better way than to get to know what people are about and laugh!


So what does the camp look like?

We have two houses, each with an own host / kite guide, next to each other where you have your own private room and a home like setting. There are 4 rooms in each house. There is a shared kitchen where you can prepare your own breakfast and lunch or we can tell you where to go with maybe that one (or more) single other(s)? tarifa has very nice (and cheap) breakfast and lunch places.

Also there is a shared living room to watch some kite video’s for inspiration or to chill after a nice kite day.

Every night we go out to dinner together, the hosts / guides / instructor and all participants. (this is not included in the price, but the prices of eating out are low in Tarifa) because we know the very best places to go in Tarifa. For those who still have energy, we go into town for a drink.

When there is no wind we’ll let you know what you can do and you can decide what and if you like to join (think longboarding, whale watching, hiking etc.) or maybe you would like to spend some time by yourself or with that one person you like (we also have some tips on private romantic places to go).



Stay: 69 euro a night for a private room. If you take a friend and share a room you get 31 euro pp discount, so only pay 38 euro pp.

Kite lessons:  20 € p/h for a group lesson (when there are 3 others with the same level), 30 € p/h for a semi private (you share an instructor with someone else with the same level) or 50 € p/h for a private lesson. We try to get in as much days kite lessons as possible wind-wise. Maximum will be 4 hours a day (with private lessons you learn faster, so that is 2 hours a day). You pay the amount of hours you have lessons.

Kite guiding for independant kiters: Free


What else do I need to know?

Car hire: We recommend that you hire a car from the airport. Then you are free to go where ever and when ever you like. You can also find a ‘car buddy’ within the group. We can connect you to others in the group when you like to share a car, so let us know. Kiting is not allowed in town in summer so we have to drive a few kilometers.

Gear rental: When you are an independant kiter but would like to rent gear let us know and we can set you up (70 euro a day for a full set

Free gear: We have some gear in the house you can use like surf boards, an Indo board, yoga mats and longboards. We also have a directional and twin tip kite board you are free to use. All has to be shared with the others of the group.


What kind of people should I expect?

The age range we would like to invite are people from 25-45 years old. Because age is just a number we just say we expect people who are young at heart and active or would like to become more active.

Send us a message to be informed when we set new dates!