Longboard Skate Tarifa

Did you know that the Worldcup longboard skate (flatland) is organised from the Girls Love Boards House? And also lessons to over 600 people a year? So when you would like to learn how to longboard this is the best place to have a lesson!

Perfect for non windy days or when the wind is too strong! prices 15 € pp for a group, 30 € for private and guests can also rent a board without lessons, 15 € per day! (for non guests 35 € euro a day) We have handmade custom boards from all over the world, and if you get hooked we can recommend you where you can get your own custom one!

Just let us know when you book or during your stay if you would like to add this to your trip.

also check our Board Sports Package (50€ a day) which is available when you book in advance