Looking for a different kite camp in the wind paradise of Europe, Tarifa? In a home like setting with instant friends?

When you already can kite, buddies to go with and a guide who takes you every day to the best spot with the most space?

When you are new to kiting, lessons while you learn to be a kite surfer while you are having fun together?

You have found the place!

Already for years we host and teach people in a homelike setting and see people make friends for life. And sometimes we want to do more. A setting in which you are part of a group for one or two weeks. Two things are fixed, kiting and dinner together in the evening. No wind? We give you some options and you can decide you like to join the group or have an ‘alone day’ or hang out with a few people doing something else.

The key is that it’s relaxed and fun and you still have freedom to do what you like and also be super social with those who like the same.

We make sure you will have the best kite lessons, the most relaxed stay (our house is a home which you can use as such) and go to the best places to eat.