Tarifa lies at the beginning of the beautiful Costa de la Luz, in the Natural Park of Los Alcornocales and widely acknowledged to be Spain’s least spoilt and developed coastline. It’s one of kitesurfing’s original meccas, you can expect wind and sun for 300 days a year. Our Natural Paradise…

Tarifa has a 10 km long sandy beach, depending on the time of year (mid of June – mid of September there are restrictions) and wind direction, you can kite pretty much the whole length.

There are two wind directions, cross-on from the right, Pontiente and the infamous crazy wind that blows cross shore to cross offshore from the left, Levante. Levante days produce either clean waves or flatness. Poniente produces wind waves or chop. Levante is more gusty. There is no ‘wind’ or ‘no wind’ period in Tarifa. Pontiente tends to be stronger in winter and in summer there is more chance of thermal wind at the end of the afternoon (even when the predictions say there is no chance of wind).



In summer not allowed to kite here and for most it’s just for the poniente wind, which is more onshore here.
You may see a few people head out in the the Levante near the island (Balneario) . But just DON’T! This spot is for locals and very advanced riders.
Just at the end of town there is ‘Campo de Futball’ at Club 7 and outside of summer this is a very nice spot with the onshore poniente. Close to town, close to the lagoon and easy parking.

If you are lucky the lagoon around the river mouth of the Rio Jara is filled up. Super flat water but can get very crowded and shallow. It’s not allowed to kite here so be aware for the police as they will fine you. Be aware of dangerous rips where the water goes from the lagoon into the sea.

This is the longest stretch of beach, from the Rio Jara down to Arte Vida. In summer this is the place to kite but be aware to avoid the area where all the schools are. In summer with the offshore Levante there are the Sea Angels that will rescue you! You have to buy a rescue card before hitting the water (available in kite shops or there at the Agua or Waves bar), 30 euro for 2 rescues. To avoid the busy part of Los Lances park at the ‘Best Pro Center / Vento el Tito’ just before the Rio Jara Campsite and ‘hike’ through the nature park to the beach from there.

Busy in summer but the best place when there are waves to ride strapless!

8 km out of town you have Valdevaqueros, the exit with the sign ‘Valdevaqueros’ leads to ‘Club Mistral / Tumbao / ION CLUB Tarifa’, the next exit (driving away from town) leads to ‘Tangana / Spin Out’ and after that you can take the exit (exit not at the shops but take the road after the palm tree) which leads to the ‘pig field’. This is the place to kite when it’s Levante, as the direction means it’s more likely to be cross shore. In summer it’s packed with swimmers and sunbathers but the thermal wind can pick up more there so sometimes you just have to take the slaloming between the crowd.  The best place to kite is left from Club Mistral.

The beach that goes from Valdevaqueros unto the massive sand dune. Many schools teach up here with levante as students will end up at the sand dune when they go downwind. In summer there are many kiters and many sunbathers.

La Bajeta is a reef with a wave that breaks offshore. It’s about 30 minutes kiting to it and needless to say it’s only for people who are very advanced and in the company of someone who can help in case of emergency and with much local knowledge. Be especially aware of situations when the wind suddenly drops closer the shore.