It’s possible to rent kite gear so you don’t have to bring (all of) your own and always have the right size kite available. You can also book private or group lessons. When you can ride but like someone to keep an eye on you, just ask for supervision. We work with the best kite schools in Tarifa. You can fill in the form below to ask for more info or book what you like!





Lessons from 60€ for 2 hours

  • Group lesson: 1 kite per 2 persons (max 4 per group) 20 € per hour
  • Closed group lesson: 1 kite, 2 persons and 1 instructor 25 € per hour
  • Semi private: 2 persons, 2 kites, 1 instructor 30 € per hour
  • Private: 1 person, 1 instructor 50 € per hour

Rental 70€ a day (depending on material)
Supervision from 20€ for 2 hours

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