Create your own perfect kite holiday! We offer accommodation with kite lessons, supervision and rental of equipment, exactly when and what you like! Our kitesurf holidays in Tarifa are designed for people who just want to enjoy a custom made, easy, nice and relaxed holiday while they learn to kitesurf in Tarifa.

We offer accommodation with kite lessons, supervision and / or rental of equipment. You can create your own package and combine what you like. The dates are totally flexible (from 3 nights and more), so come and leave whenever suits you and plan as many hours of lessons, supervision or days of rental you like!

Would you like us to create the perfect package for you? Just let us know when you want to stay and what your level is and we’ll be happy to assembly it for you!

Would you enjoy to do something else (also)? We also offer surf, stand up paddle, pilates and longboard skate rental and lessons with this!


These prices are based in 3 nights at Girls Love Boards House and 6h kitesurf group course (in 2 days) for one person.  Free pick up to spot / Longboard equipment free to use/ 2 persons price includes kitesurf course for both / With 4h private course (instead of group course) add 80€/person.
If you want we set up a different amount of nights, persons sleeping / lessons / supervision / rental or other activities, just contact us.

April / May: 1 Person: 237 €  |  2 Persons: 387 €

June: 1 Person: 252 €  |  2 Persons: 402 €

July: 1 Person: 327 €  |  2 Persons: 477 €

August: 1 Person: 387 €  |  2 Persons: 537 €

September: 1 Person: 327 €  |  2 Persons: 477 €

October: 1 Person: 252 €   |  2 Persons: 402 €