To get the ideal performance surfing and skating physique and improve your strength and balance in the water and on the road. Having our own certified Pilates instructor, we do Pilates lessons and surfers workouts on the beach, you can join of course or book a private pilates lesson(s) with a lot of tips and exercises.
This will not only get you in shape but also teach you to continue your workout with exercises at home after your stay. The main goals for the sessions are increasing overall performance, avoid injuries and correct muscle imbalances. It will give you improved muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. Also it  will strengthen the lower body and core to increase balance and  improvement of your posture through correct recruitment of abdominals. The exercises also make hip extensors and your lower back more flexible as well as strengthen the abdominals to relieve lower back pain as well as increase strength around the joints.
The Pilates lessons will take place at the beach and is given by our own certified Pilates instructor.